Alice Amy Cheeseman and Family

(last updated: 1 March 2017)

alice and family at gooranbat

Alice Amy, seated on the far right, and Richard and family at Gooranbat near Benalla in Victoria
sometime before Alice's death there in 1917.

wills children in 1916

Alice and Richard's children in around 1916. L/R: Joyce Elizabeth, Isobel Madelaine and Reginald Alfred Wills.

joyce and madge wills

From the Wills family Tree on Ancestry this photo is of
Joyce Elizabeth and Isobel Medeline ('Madge') Wills.

rose and jean tulloch

Probably taken at East Warburton in the early 1930s, (L/R): Isobel Madeleine ('Madge') Kent nee Wills (Rose's niece and
eldest daughter of Alice Amy Wills nee Cheeseman), Rose Tulloch, Jean Tulloch and probably Madge's husband,
Doren Roland Kent (1899-1975) who she married in 1930.

young richard alfred wills richard wills

From the Wills Family Tree on Ancestry these two photos are of Richard Alfred Wills (1908-72) as a young boy and a older man.

richard and euphemia wills

Richard and Euphemia Wills nee Johns.

extended wills family

From The Wills Family Tree on, this photo is of Euphemia Wills and her extended family.
Front (L/R): Reg, Percy, Philip and Richard jnr. Rear: Bob Scougall, Janice (adopted), Shirley, Euphemia,
Alice, Joyce and Gwen Thompson.

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