Edward and Fanny Shepherd's Children

IV: Robert Shepherd (1846-1932)

(31 March 2019)

william and robert shepherd

From Robert Shepherd's 'Shepherd family Tree' on Ancestry, Edward and Fanny's two youngest sons: William and Robert Shepherd.

Born at Buckfastleigh in Devon in 1846, Robert sailed with his family to Geelong in Victoria in 1852. A cutting from the 19 September 1928 edition of the St Arnaud Mercury, sent to us by Robert White, tells us that, after disembarking at Geelong, Robert travelled with his parents first to the Rich Avon sheep station, where his father was employed as a shepherd, and two years later, to West Charlton and thence to Simpson's station at York Plains where they remained for a further seven years. In 1863, the article continued, Robert 'started out on his own by picking up wool at Cope Cope station' and then shearing at different stations including Yawong Springs and Nulwaley station on the Murray River where he was employed to cut scrub for £1 per week.

While working as a boundary rider at Bald Hills, Robert married Mary Ann Seales (1853-1926) at Christ Church in St Arnaud on 2 March 1868. Their wedding certificate shows that Robert was then a 21 year-old bachelor. Mary Ann was just 16 years old and was living with her parents at Totterton station. She had been born at Adelaide in 1852, the daughter of Frederick Seales (1838-82), a shepherd, and Ann Killing (1819-98). The wedding was witnessed by the couple's respective fathers, Frederick Seales and Edward Shepherd. Robert Shepherd's 'Shepherd family Tree' on Ancestry tells us Mary Ann's mother was born at Holborn St Sepulchre in London in 1819 and emigrated to Victoria in 1841. Ancestry's Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists, shows she came on the sailing ship the ALEXANDER which embarked from Plymouth and arrived at Port Phillip Bay on 27 December 1841. The ship's record of passengers shows she was then 21 years old, could both read and write and had come of her own accord. She married Frederick Seales in Victoria in 1854 (reg no 3023). Ancestry's Australian Death Index shows that an Ann Seales, daughter of James and Ann Killing, died at St Andrew's (west of Healesville) in Victoria in 1898 (reg no 14014).

After their wedding Robert and Mary Ann lived with Robert's parents at Gooroc where Robert helped run the family farm. His obituary and the Australian electoral rolls indicate he and Mary Ann also farmed land at Gowar and Coonooer before moving to St Arnaud to live sometime between 1914 and 1919. Mary Ann died at St Arnaud in 1926, her death notice, published in the 'St Arnaud news' section of the Melbourne Argus telling us that 'Mrs. Mary Ann Shepherd, of Canterbury street, has died. She was a native of South Australia, and is survived by 30 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren' (28 January 1926). Robert died at St Arnaud in 1932. His obituary, published in the 18 November 1932 edition of the Donald Times informed its readers that:

A very old identity of the district in the person of Mr Robert Shepherd, relict of Mary Ann Shepherd, passed away on Friday at the residence of his daughter, Mrs G. Bryant, Canterbury Street St Arnaud. The late Mr Shepherd was born in Devon, England in 1846, and was 86 years of age. He came to Australia when seven years of age and was married in St Arnaud. He followed farming at Gowar for many years, and sold his property to Mr Con McKew. He was very well known and highly respected. The late Mr Shepherd is survived by the following family - Messrs Robert (St Arnaud), and Edward (Coonooer Bridge), Mesdames G. Bryant (St Arnaud), J. E. Wandell (Underbool), A. Brown (Cowangie) and W. Walder (Watchem)'.

According to the St Arnaud burial records, Robert was buried in the same grave as his wife Mary Ann. Next to them is the grave of their unmarried son, Robert's namesake, Robert Shepherd (1881-1945), who was born at Gower East and died at St Arnaud where he had worked as a labourer. Robert and Mary Ann had seven children in addition to Robert jnr: Mary Ann Bryant (1869-1956), Annie Louisa Allen (1871-1913), Ann Ellen Allen (1877-1923), Fanny Wandel (1875-1954), Elizabeth Victoria Brown (1882-1961), Ellen ('Ellie') Walder (1883-1962) and Edward Shepherd (1887-1970). As described below, these all married and together provided their parents with some 34 grandchildren and over 80 great grandchildren.

1. Mary Ann Shepherd (1869-1956)

Born at St Arnaud in Victoria, Robert and Mary Ann's eldest daughter married a Cornishman, George Bryant (1853-1917) there in 1899. George's parents were his namesake George Bryant (1823-1908) and Elizabeth Pellow/Pillow (1827-1913). He and Mary Ann spent most of their married lives on their farm at Coonooer Bridge located to the north of St Arnaud. His obituary, published in the St Arnaud Mercury on 10 January 1917, tells us George 'died at St Arnaud Hospital after a brief illness of about three days, from internal trouble. He was 63 years of age, and a native of St Herds, England. He came out to Victoria, when he was 10 years old, with his parents. Subsequently he settled in the Coonooer district and married Miss Shepherd, daughter of Mr and Mrs R. Shepherd. He followed farming persuits. For the past six years or so Mr and Mrs Bryant lived in St Arnaud, There is no family. The funeral took place on Monday, the remains being interred In the St Arnaud cemetery. The coffin bearers were Messrs J. Allen, A. Clarke and G. F. Osborne'. Mary Ann died at St Arnaud in 1956 and is buried with George in the local cemetery.

2. Annie Louisa Shepherd (1871-1913)

joseph and annie louisa allen nee shepherdAnnie married her first cousin, Abraham Joseph Allen (1864-1937), in 1887. Joseph, as he was known as, was the second son of Suffolk-born Abraham Joseph Allen (1825-68) and Robert Shepherd's older sister, Ann Maria Shepherd (1836-1912). He farmed land at Kooreh (north of Carapooee) in Victoria from at least 1914 to the time of his death in 1937 (he was buried at St Arnaud). Like her mother, Annie was just sixteen years old when she married. She and Joseph are pictured on the right with two of their children, Annie and baby Joseph. Annie Louisa Allen nee Shepherd died at St Arnaud in 1913, aged just 42 years. The following year, and again in 1916, her grieving husband, sisters and grown-up children posted 'In Memorium' notices in the local newspaper. The eulogy posted by Annie's younger sisters, Elizabeth Brown and Ellie Walder, indicated that Annie died suddenly, unexpectedly and alone: For many years our family chain/ Was closely linked together;/But ah! alas!'tis broken now,/One link has gone forever./ She bade no one the last good[bye,/She waved her hand to none;/ Her spirit flew before we knew/That from us she had gone. A year after Annie's death, Joseph married her younger sister, Ann Ellen Shepherd (1877-1923). Ann and Joseph had one daughter, Thelma Allen who died, aged 13 years, at St Arnaud in 1929, six years after her mother and six years before her father. She is buried with her parents in the St Arnaud cemetery.

According to Robert White, Joseph and Annie Louisa Allen had six children before Annie's death at St Arnaud in 1913. These included Grace Victoria Allen (1889-90), 'who died at two years from convulsions', and Joseph Allen (1890-1966) who, according to Robert Shepherd's 'Shepherd Family Tree' on Ancestry, lived in Melbourne and did not marry. Their remaining four children, all of whom are pictured in the Allen family photograph shown below, did marry and, as described below, provided their beloved parents with no less than . . . :

1) Annie Allen (1887-1973) married John Thomas Kelly (1874-1959) in 1912 and farmed land at Gowar East. According to 'Mary Tynan's Family Tree' on Ancestry, John's parents were an Irishman, Martin Kelly (1842-1926), and a daughter of an Irishman, Mary Ann No(w)lan (1854-1931) who were married at Carisbrook in Victoria in 1873 and had 12 children (John being the eldest). It seems John and Annie had only two children: 1) Bernard Henry Gregory Kelly (1913-2000) who ran the farm after his father's death in 1959 until the mid-1970s when he moved to St Arnaud. We don't know if he married. 2) Mary Louisa Kelly (1914-99) who, in 1944, married a farmer from Borung (north of Wedderburn) in central Victoria, Francis Richard Wright (1917-45). The son of Richard Wright and Hilda Mary Gill, Francis died the year after his marriage to Mary who continued to live at Borung until at least the late 1970s. She and Francis had one daughter who has married and had four children.

annie allen wedding annie allen family

Both photos are from 'Mary Tynan's Family Tree' on Ancestry. The one on the left is of Annie Allen and John Thomas Kelly's wedding in 1912.
The photo on the right is of Annie and John and their two children, Bernard Henry Gregory and Mary Louisa Kelly.

2) Elizabeth May Allen (1891-1975). Born at St Arnaud, May married Victor William Cole (1887-1942) there in 1912. Victor was also born at St Arnaud, the son of Daniel James Cole (1837-1920) and Jessie Hawkins (1852-1946). Daniel came from Hornsey in Middlesex and Jessie from Bath in Somerset in England. They were married in Victoria in 1883 and farmed land at Kooreh South until Daniel's death there in 1920. His death notice, published in the Ballarat Star on 16 March of that year, tells us he and Jessie had three sons and one daughter. The Australian electoral rolls show that May and William lived on their farm at Kooreh South from 1914 to 1942, the year of William's death. It seems that after this May lived initially with her sons (Allen, Robert Arthur and William Albert Cole, all farmers) at Emu and, from around 1949, at Inglewood where she died in 1975. With her at Inglewood in 1954 was her son William Albert Cole who was then working as a wood merchant.

3) Fanny Allen (1893-1923). Also born at St Arnaud, Fanny married Henry ('Harry') Howard there in 1913. Robert Shepherd's 'Shepherd Family Tree' on Ancestry tells us that Harry was born in 1872 at Ballarat East, the son of William Howard and Elizabeth Holstock, and that he and Fanny had a daughter, Annie Esther Howard, who was born at St Arnaud in 1919 and died in Ballarat in 1964. The Australian electoral rolls show that after their marriage the couple also lived at Kooreh where Harry worked as a labourer and where Fanny probably died although that has still to be confirmed. The photo below of the Allen family indicates that Fanny and Harry may have had a second daughter, Florence (or 'Florrie') Howard. While we have not been able directly to confirm this, the 1942 electoral roll does show an Annie Esther Howard, a waitress, Florence May Howard, home duties, Frederick Forbes Howard, a pastry cook, and Grace Evelyn Howard, home duties, all living at 3 Sleeth Avenue in Dandenong. According to the 'Ward Family Tree' on Ancestry, Annie Esther Howard married Kenneth Thomas Ward (1920-2003), the son of Charles Ward and Bessie Kempson, and had at least one child still living.

4) William Robert Allen (1894-1975). His military record contained in the Australian Archives shows that William, the son of J. Allen of Kooreh via St Arnaud, enlisted in the 1st AIF on 3 August 1915 and was alloted to the 6th Reinforcements for the 21st Battalion. He was disembarked from the MOLDAVIA at Fremantle with measles and was re-embarked on the ULYSSES on 2 November 1915 as part of reinforcements for the 28th Battalion. Following several bouts of sickness in France and England (including gangrene), he was transferred to the Australian Provost Corps and attached to the 2nd Division in France in 1918. He returned to Australia on the ZEALANDIC in 1919. The 1919 and 1924 electoral rolls have William Robert Allen, a labourer, living at Kooreh with his father Abraham Joseph (and, in 1919, his step-mother Ann). Both Robert White and Robert Shepherd believe that William later married Jean Frazer and raised a family at Geelong where William died in 1975.

robert and mary ann shepherd

Sent to us by Robert White, this photo was taken in around 1915 and shows Robert and Mary Ann Shepherd nee Seales (seated in the front)
with a number of their grandchildren and great grandchildren. Rear row (L/R): Fanny Howard nee Allen, Elizabeth May Cole nee Allen,
Abraham Joseph Allen jnr, Annie Kelly nee Allen. Front row: 'Florrie' Howard, Mary Ann Shepherd nee Seales, 'Dorrie' and Allen Cole,
Robert Shepherd, unknown and Mary Kelly, Joseph Allen with Merle and unknown Allen.

3. Fanny Shepherd (1875-1954)

According to the 'Wandel Family Tree' on Ancestry, Fanny married Julius Ernest Wandel (1872-1923) in 1899. Julius was the son of two German emigrants, Carl George Wandel (1826-1901) and Franziska Louisa Pesch (1838-1915) who were married in Adelaide in 1859 and farmed land at Truro and later Greenock in the Barossa Valley. In 1868 they and their family relocated to Victoria where Carl had selected land at Kooreh to the east of St Arnaud. Carl died at Kooreh in 1901, Franziska in 1915. Her obituary, published in the St Arnaud Mercury on 26 May 1915, provides us with a little more information about their life, times and family:

OBITUARY. MRS, F. L. WANDEL, An old and respected resident of the district died on Sunday in the person of Mrs Franziska L. Wandel, relict of Carl Wandel, of Kooreh. Deceased, who was 78 years of age, arrived in Victoria in 1854, and was married in Adelaide in 1859, In 1868 Mr. and Mrs. Wandel came to Victoria, and of her 47 years residence in this State Mrs. Wandel spent 44 at Kooreh. Mr. Wandel died about 14 years ago, and during the intervening period Mrs. Wandel made her home with her son, Mr. Charles E. Wandel. Deceased enjoyed good health up to a month ago, and a fortnight since came Into St. Arnard for medical treatment, residing with her daughter, Mrs. F. Battersby, Burnside Road. It was evident that the once robust constitution was giving way, and she gradually sank. A family of five boys and four daughters are left to mourn the lose of an affectionate mother, viz: Messrs Frederick W. Wandel, Carl A. Wandel and Charles E. Wandel, Kooreh; Mr. Julius E. Wandel, Underbool; Mr, Herman H. Wandel, Logan; Mrs. Wm, Shepherd and Mrs, Battersby, St, Arnaud; Mrs. W, Moore and Mrs, E, Moore, Kooreh. There are also 44 grandchildren and one great grandchild. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon, the remains being interred in the St. Arnaud cemetery, The coffin. bearers were Messrs, B. Battersby, F. Battersby, P. Shepherd, and H. Shepherd; and the pall-bearers, Messrs. C. Battersby, W. Shepherd, E, Moore, F. M'Naulty, R. Hancock and W. Moore. The Rev. F. B. Odlhatm (Methodist) officiated at the grave.

The Australian electoral rolls show that Julius and Fanny farmed land at Kooreh and, from the end of the First World War, Underbool in the northern Mallee region of Victoria. Julius died in the Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick in 1923, Fanny at Underbool in 1954. They had six children we know of: 1) Bertha Ann Wandel (1899-1969) who married Percy Victor Lynch (1899-1950) and lived at Patchewollock in Victoria where they had six children. Percy died at Patchewollock and Bertha at Horsham. 2) Charles Robert Henry Wandel (1901-37) who married Agnes Margaret Ellen Patten (1902-94), the daughter of Joseph Patten and Isabella Salmon, and had three children. Agnes continued to live at Underbool after Charles' death in 1937 and, we think, re-married, to a local carrier, Robert Vinecombe, in 1951. 3) Augusta Louise Wandel (1903-99) who married Albert Henry Wouda. 4) Edward Julius Wandel (1906-86) who married Elizabeth Farquah McFarlane. 5) Gladys Myrtle Wandel who married William Hefferman and had two children; and 6) Lawrence Seales Wandel (1911-83) who, in 1940, married Irene Doris Hummel, daughter of Frederick Lawrence Hummel (1898-1983) and Myrtle Ruby Burns (1901-89). Irene and Lawrence, who are buried together in the Underbool cemetery, had ten children: Frances Faye (1941-43), Lorraine Margaret (1942-72) and Graham Lawrence Wandel (1946-48) plus seven others.

4. Elizabeth Victoria Shepherd (1882-1961)

Born at Gowar, Elizabeth married Alfred Brown (1872-1965) at St Arnaud in 1903. According to his death certificate, a copy of which is on the 'Richmond family Tree' on Ancestry, Alfred was born at Moliagul, a small town about 10 km north of Dunolly in Victoria. The family tree tells us Alfred parents were Walter Brown (1832-1907) and Elizabeth Elliot (1830-97) who were married at Shoreditch St Leonards in London in 1849 and later emigrated to Australia (Ancestry's assisted and unassisted passenger lists show a Walter, 19 year-old carpenter, and Elizabeth Brown (20), both of whom were born in Middlesex in England, travelled to Australia on the ISLE OF SKYE which sailed from London on 27 July 1852 and arrived at Geelong on 12 December the same year). Both Walter and Elizabeth died at St Arnaud in Victoria.

The Australian electoral rolls show that Alfred and Elizabeth farmed land at Kooreh and then Watchem from the time of their marriage until the early 1920s when they moved to the Melbourne suburb of Brighton. They seem to have lived and farmed at Cowangie near Ouyen in the early 1930s before farming land at Hesket, near Woodend's hanging Rock, in central Victoria. They later moved to nearby Kyneton where Elizabeth died in 1961 and Alfred four years later. The 'Richmond Family Tree' and other sources tell us they had seven children. One of these, Ivy Isabel Brown died at Watchem aged five years. Another, Grace Victoria Brown (1908-90) - pictured in the photo below - did not marry. We have been able determine a little more about their other five children as follows:

1) Melva Elizabeth Brown(1904-76) married Robert Ernest Garfield Hall (1899-1984) in Victoria 1926. The youngest son of South Australian-born Albert Alfred Ernest Hall (1871-1945) and Janet Hamilton (1867-1947), Robert was born at Donald in Victoria and was living and working as a labourer at nearby Watchem at the time of his and Melva's marriage. The Australian electoral rolls show he and Melva farmed at Parilla near Pinnaroo in South Australia in the early 1940s. The 'Hall Family Tree' on Ancestry tells us had two sons, one of whom married, and has five children. The electoral rolls suggest they may also have had a daughter, Mary Elizabeth Hall, who was working as a shop assistant at Parilla in 1943.

2) Ruby May Brown (1905-94) married James Walter John ('Jack') Richmond (1900-64) at the Melbourne suburb of Caulfield in 1927. Born at Donald, Jack was the son of John Richmond (1854-1932) and Susannah Borden (1865-1942) who were married at Witchipool near Donald in 1884. The 'Richmond Family Tree' on Ancestry tells us John was Geelong-born while Susannah came from Smeaton near Creswick, and they had eleven children - all born at Donald - between 1885 and 1907. The Australian electoral rolls show that after their marriage, Jack and Ruby farmed land at Murrayville near Ouyen before joining Ruby's parents at Hesket. After the family farm was sold, they moved into Lancefield where Jack worked as a labourer before his death there in 1964. Ruby died at Lancefield 30 years later and is buried with Jack in the local cemetery. The 'Richardson Family Tree' tells they had three children: 1) Kenneth John Richmond (1929-2005) who married Ida Lilian Myer (1925-98) and had four children; 2) Dorothy May Richmond (1930-87) who married Wilfred Ernest Mills (1928-96) and had three children; and Colin Richmond who is married and has four children.

3) Evelyn Florence Brown (1912-2012) married Harold James ('Jim') Mackereth in the Pinnaroo district of South Australia on 6 May 1933. The 'Mackereth Family Tree' on Ancestry and the Genealogy SA website tells us Harold was the son of Henry Thomas Mackereth (1856-1924) and Elizabeth Ann Stephens/Stevens (1867-1943) and was born at Templers in the Barossa district of South Australia in 1897. His military record in the Australian archives tells us Harold enlisted in the Australian Army at Adelaide on 20 July 1917 and sailed from Melbourne on the HMAT AENEAS A60 on 30 October the same year as part of the reinforcements for the 10th Infantry Battalion. After training in England he proceeded to France where he joined the battalion in April 1918. He was wounded in action (a GSW to the right thumb) in September 1918 and invalided back to England. After treatment at the 1st Southern General Hospital at Edgebaston in Birmingham, he returned to Australia in January 1919 on the hospital transport MARGHA and was discharged from the Army in Adelaide on 23 March the same year. Harold's younger brother, Sydney Roy Mackereth, who had enlisted around the same time and also served in the 10th Battalion, was killed in action in France on 24 July 1918 and is buried in the La Kreule Military Cemetery at Hazebrouck, Nord Pas de Calais. Another brother, Henry Thomas Mackereth, had enlisted into the 9th Light Horse Regiment and served at Gallipoli and the Sinai before returning to Australia in August 1919.

The 1931 electoral roll shows Harold and another brother, Herbert Bertram Mackereth, share farming at Murrayville in the Ouyen district of the Victorian Mallee. The two boys, together with Evelyn Florence, were still registered there in 1934. Harold and Evelyn were at Parilla in South Australia in 1939 and the early 1940s. The 1954 roll has Evelyn and Harold, described as the manager of Bamboa Station, at Strathdownie in the Victorian Western District. The 'Mackereth Family Tree' tells us Harold died in South Australia in November 1958. This is supported by a Naracoorte Lucindale Council burial notice for a Harold James Mackereth, aged 61 years, who was buried in the Naracoorte cemetery in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia on 26 November 1958 (Grave no E493). The 'Richardson Family Tree' tells us Evelyn died at Warrnambool in Victoria in 2012 and that she and Harold had a son.

4) Mavis Jean Brown (1920-2009) married Robert Myles ('Bert') Whan (1909-2007) in Victoria in 1940. Bert's parents were Robert Whan and Mary Ann Thorburn who were married in Victoria in 1902. The Australian electoral rolls show Mavis and Bert were living at Hesket (Bert's place of birth and where he was working as a grazier) in 1942, Kyneton in 1949 and 1954 (Bert was then a grocer), Camperdown in Victoria's Western District in 1963 (farmer), Terang in 1967/8 (milk vendor), the Geelong suburb of Newtown in 1972 (landlord) and, after that, at Torquay. Their respective tributes in the Melbourne Herald Sun tell us that Bert died at Moroopna in 2007 and Mavis at Sheparton two years later. They were said to be the cherished parents of Betty (Muir) and Graham, loved parents-in-law of Ken and Maree, and, in 2009, grandparents of 7 and great grandparents of 15.

5) Ancestry's Victorian Marriage Index shows that an Isabel Joyce Brown (1922-2009) married Robert George McCorkelle (1916-2001) in Victoria 1949 (reg no 9735). The DVA's nominal roll for WW2 tells us a Robert George McCorkelle, born in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton on 14 June 1916, enlisted in the Australian Army at Gisborne in Victoria on 21 March 1941. He was then living at Mount Macedon and gave as his NOK John McCorkelle. He was discharged on 5 November 1945 at which time he was serving as a private soldier in the 39th Australian Infantry Battalion. The Australian electoral rolls show that Robert, a gardener, and Isabel lived at Mount Macedon from the end of the War until at least the early 1980s. Robert died on 5 March 1990 and Isabel at Lara outside Gellong on 7 April 2009. Her tribute posted in the Melbourne Herald Sun on 11 April tells us she was 86 years old, the 'beloved wife of Robert (dec). Loving mother of Trevor (dec.), Robert and Libby. Loving grandmother of Dean, Joy, Russell, Coralee and Terry and their families'. According to the 'findagrave' website, Robert and Isabel are buried together in the Lawn Section of Geelong's Drysdale Cemetery.

elizabeth and alfred brown

Taken from the 'Richardson Family Tree' on Ancestry, the poto shows (standing L/R): Elizabeth Victoria Brown nee Shepherd,
Ruby May Richmond nee Brown, Alfred Brown and Grace Victoria Brown. The three children are those of Ruby and
James Walter John ('Jack') Richmond: Kenneth John, Dorothy May and Colin Richmond.

ruby brown wedding ellen shepherd wedding

The photo on the left is from the 'Richmond Family Tree' on Ancestry and is of the wedding of
Ruby May Brown and James Walter John ('Jack') Richmond at Caulfield in 1927. That on the right is from
the 'Shepherd Family Tree' and is of the wedding of Ellen ('Ellie') Shepherd and Russell William Walder in 1911.

5. Ellen ('Ellie') Shepherd (1883-1962)

Born at Gooroc, Ellie married William Russell Walder (1879-1967) in 1911. Born at Donald in Victoria, William was the second son of James Henry Walder (1853-1942) and Sarah Ann Pope (1856-1946). According to Robert Shepherd's 'Shepherd Family Tree' on Ancestry, James was born at Cranleigh in Surrey in England in 1853 and came to Australia in 1873. He married Sarah at St Arnaud in 1876. She had been born at Horsham in Victoria in 1856. They had eleven children in addition to William, one of whom, John Wallace Walder enlisted in the First AIF and died of wounds in Egypt in January 1916. He was then a L/Cpl in the 6th Australian Infantry Battalion and is buried in the Cairo War Memorial Cemetery. James and Sarah both died at Watchem, he in 1942 and she four years later. The 90 year-old's death notice, published in the Melbourne Argus on 15 August 1946, tells us that four of her children had pre-deceased her.

The Australian electoral rolls show that, before his marriage, William was working as a labourer at Watchem. After their marriage he and Ellie lived at Watchem West while William and some of his siblings farmed land at nearby Wilkur. A report in the Donald Times on 20 April 1917, tells us that three of their children, 'Master Willie and Misses Ellen and Florrie Walder, gave a jelly dish to Mr and Mrs S. H. King of Hazlewood Kinnaburra whose wedding was celebrated at Watchem on 26 March 1917'. William Russell Walder retired in around 1960 and the family moved to Kerang where Ellie died in 1962 and William at nearby Tragowl five years later. They had five children we are aware of: Ellen Elizabeth Walder, who died aged 20 years at Warracknabeal in 1931, and four others as follows:

1. William Robert ('Bill') Walder (1914-2001) who married Adrienne Eva Taig (1924-86) in Victoria in 1943. Born at Kurtling near Inglewood in central Victoria, Adrienne's parents were Hugh Edwin Daniel Taig (1893-1963) and Caroline Myrlin Carlton (1900-72) who were married in Victoria in 1920. According to the 'Keen Family Tree' on Ancestry, Hugh's parents were James Paulin Taig, a labourer who was born at Berwickshire in Scotland in around 1849, and Margaret Shannon (1859-1972) who Hugh married in Victoria in 1881. They lived at Kurting until the late 1920s and then Charlton in northern Victoria. The Australian electoral rolls show that Bill and Adrienne farmed land at Watchem, Packenham South and then Baringhup near Maldon before William retired in the mid-1970s and they moved to Bendigo. The Ryerson Index tells us Adrienne died on the Queensland Gold Coast in 1986 and Bill at Bendigo on 18 December 2001. His Tribute, published in the Herald Sun on 19 October reads: 'WALDER. - William Robert (Bill), aged 87 years. Passed away peacefully on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2001, at the Bendigo Hospital. Loved husband of Adrienne (dec.), dearly loved father of Lynette, Myrlin, Darryl, Robert and Kenneth. Loved father-in-law of John, Laurie, Nola, Roberta and Kate. Grandfather to Wendy, Leanne, Bronwyn, Jodi, Mathew, Nicole, Dwayne, Joanne, Jason, Kim, Belinda, Rachael and Bradley. Great grandfather to Tyson, Liam, Amy, Sofi, Rachael, Caitlyn, Jack, Tim, Alex, Caleab, Ebony, Jennifer (dec.), Christopher and Breanna'.

2. Annie Florence ('Florrie') Walder (1916-2014) who married Ernest Percival Parsons (1916-86) in Victoria in 1944. A report in the Melbourne Argus tells us that Florrie had been 'entertained at a kitchen tea social in Wilkur South hall on the eve of her marriage and presented with gifts'. According to the 'Parsons Family Tree' on Ancestry, Ernest's parents were Edward Andrew Archibald Parsons (1882-1935) and Harriet Susannah Newell (1886-1965) who were married in Victoria in 1907 and had four children in addition to Ernest: Beatrice Amy (1907-69), Edward Harry (1909-87), Vernon Robert George (1910-80) and Ruth Parsons (1930-84). Ernest's parents were both born at Minyip in Victoria, his father died at nearby Warracknabeal and mother at Beulah. His paternal grandfather, George Parsons, was from Boltonsborough in Somerset and died at Warracknabeal. His paternal grandmother, Louisa Pitts (1848-1935) was born at Keinton in Somerset and also died at Warracknabeal.

The Department of Veterans Affairs' WW2 nominal roll tells us that V360091 Ernest Percival Parsons, who was born at Warracknabeal on 12 June 1916, enlisted in the Australian Army there on 21 July 1941. He was discharged on 17 September 1945 at which stage he was a Private soldier in the 21st Battalion VDC. The Australian electoral rolls show that after the war, Ernest and Florrie farmed land at Murrabit and then Macorna near Kerang (to where they moved after Ernest retired in the mid-1960s. Ernest died at Kerang in 1986, Florrie there in 2014 at the grand age of 98 years. Her tribute, posted in the Herald Sun on 18 November 2014, reads: 'PARSONS (nee Walder). Annie Florence Peacefully at Kerang On Nov. 16, 2014 Loving wife of Perce (dec.). Loving mother of Colin, Graeme, Alan and Judy and their partners. Grandmother of 5 and great grandmother of 12. Aged 98 years. PARSONS. Florence 'Florrie' 28.05.1916 - 16.11.2014 Dearly loved mother and mother-in-law of Alan and Lorraine. PARSONS. Florence 'Florrie/Flo' 28.05.1916 - 16.11 2014 Dearly loved and respected mother, mother-in-law, grandma and great grandma of Judy and Ron, Wayne and Kaylene, Paul and Fleur, Kerrie and Dom, Bodhi, Logan and Taj, Jasper and Elodie, Bridget (Florence), Patrick and Georgia. Not only have we lost a loving Mum/Grandma, but our closest friend too. You will always be our hero and greatest influence on our lives. Rest Peacefully'.

3. Thomas Gordon Walder (1918-2004) who married Gwendoline Hazel Ryland in Victoria in 1948. The Department of Veterans Affairs' WW2 nominal roll shows that Thomas, who was born at Donald on 11 December 1918, enlisted in the Australian Army at Birchip on 25 July 1941, He was then living at Watchem and gave his father as his NOK. He was discharged on 26 January 1945 at which time he was serving as a private soldier in the 15th Battalion VDC. The Australian electoral rolls show that Thomas and Gwendoline were living on Werrie Street in Swan Hill in 1949, Nine Mile Road Cora Lyn near Packenham in 1954 and Tragowel near Kerang from the early 1960s. The Ryerson Index shows that Thomas died at Kerang on 7 June 2004. The 'gravestonesphotos' website tells us that he is buried in the Kerang Cemetery and he and Gwendoline had seven children: Charles, Elizabeth, Ian, Jeane, Lenard, Russell and Steven Walder.

edward shepherd martha jane kirk

A young Edward Shepherd and Martha Jane Kirk (taken from the 'Kirk Family Tree' on Ancestry).

edward and martha and family

Also from the 'Kirk Family Tree' on Ancestry, this photo, which was taken in 1939, shows
Edward and Martha Shepherd (seated) and their family. L/R from the top:
Bob, Jack, Lorna, Greta, Betty, Jean, Florrie and Keith.

6. Edward Shepherd (1887-1970)

Edward, pictured above on the left, was born at Gowar and married Martha Jane Kirk (1890-1977) at St Arnaud in Victoria in 1910. According to the 'Kirk Family Tree' on Ancestry, Martha's parents were a coach builder, John Kirk (1857-1928), and Mary Jane Phillips (1858-1903) who were married at Talbot in Victoria in 1877 and had ten children in addition to Martha: Isabella, Adeline May, James, John, William, Adam Kennedy, Donald Stanley, Mary Ailean, Florence Victoria and an an-named child who died at birth. Martha's paternal grandparents were William Kirk (1830-1911) and Isabella Blair Kennedy (1837-92) who emigrated from Scotland to Victoria in 1852 and 1853 respectively and were married in Melbourne in 1854.

The Australian electoral rolls show that Edward and Martha farmed land at Coonooer Bridge, north of St Arnaud, all their married lives. The burial records for the St Arnaud cemetery show that Martha died at the St Arnaud Hospital in 1970 and Edward at the Ballarat Base Hospital in 1977. They are buried together in the Presbyterian section of the St Arnaud cemetery together with their son Keith, who died in 1985. The same records and the 'Kirk Family Tree' on Ancestry tell us Edward and Martha had nine children: 1) Florence Lilian (1909-86) who married Harold Ramsay Hamilton (1903-76) at St Arnaud in 1926 and had four children (Harold Norman Lindsay, Alan Milton, Lionel Bruce and Graeme); 2) Doris Adeline (1910-14); 3) Lorna Mavis who married Francis Leslie Bilton (1907-81) and had two children (Valerie and Barry); 4) Elma Jean (1915-2001) who married Frank Holden Rankin (1920-98) at Merbein in Victoria in 1941 and had six children (Valerie Joan, Cheryl, Ronald, John, Lindsay and Kenneth); 5) Edward John (1917-85) who married Marion Amy Fish (1909-67) and had three children (Dorothy, John and one other); 6) Greta Muriel (1920-c2000) who married Henry Clarence Cumming at Donald in 1939 and had two children; 7) Robert William (1923-2013) who married Agnes 'Nancy' Catherine Arundel (1923-96) and had three children; 8) Keith Reginald Roy (1927-85); and 9) Elizabeth 'Betty' Noreen who married William Geoffrey Dyke (1927-94) and had four children (Kerryn, Glenda Raelene, Ashley William and Mervyn Geoffrey).

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