Hasty Photographs

(last updated: 10 January 2015)

All the photos shown below were sent to us by John Hasty, the great grandson of James Baden-Powell Hasty and Pearl Amelia Free. John tells us they were included in a couple of albums that had belonged to his 'great aunts' from Lalbert. The aunts 'were "Hasty" family members born in the late 1890s [presumably Annie and Agnes]. I knew them as a kid but did not realize the significance of the connection. I used to ask them about family history, but did not really ask the right questions...alas the connection is now broken'.

As with so many old photos, none have been identified beyond in some cases, the place where they were taken. In view of who they came from and the fact they were contained in a family photo album, it would seem reasonable to surmise that they are more likely to be of John's Hasty rather than his Free ancestors. With this in mind, we have suggested who some of the subjects in some of the photos could be although this is no more than speculation. We would of course be delighted to hear from anyone who might be able to identify any of the persons shown.

lady with basket lady with hat

Both these photographs were taken in Geelong, probably at around the same time.
We think that one could be of a young Annie Murray, the future wife of James Hasty snr and
mother of James Baden-Powell Hasty. The other could be one of Annie's sisters or possibly
James Hasty's older sister, Sarah Jane.

dublin couple cork couple

The photo on the left was taken at Lauder Brothers, 45 Lower Sackville St Dublin (no. 2253).
The one on the right was taken at the premises of H. Hunter, 28 Patrick St Cork.
Given their Irish origins, we think they are either of James Baden-Powell Hasty's grandparents,
William Hasty and Margaret Dempsey taken before they left for Australia, or
of William or Margaret's siblings who remained in Ireland.

hasty family

John thinks this may be of the Hasty family taken, possibly, around 1920.

geelong pair We think the photo on the left may be of James Hasty and his father William who ran a local guesthouse, 'Seaview House' at Airey's Inlet during the late 1800s, as well as the Cobb & Co mail service that operated from Airey's Inlet to Anglesea and thence to Geelong.

John initially thought the photo shown below may have been of a young William Hasty or one of his siblings or relatives. During a subsequent visit to the Winchelsea Historical Society, he was informed the person 'was Finden Murrell, a local businessman and town councilor'. John tells us that although there was no direct family connection, Finden would have known the Hasty family when they lived at Bambra and Anglesea between 1856 and 1858.

unknown hasty

grave of james lyons unknown sailor

The photo on the left seems to be have taken by 'Henry Wake, Wentworth St Parramatta'.
The one on the right was taken at Plymouth in England at the studio of A&G Taylor, 'Photographers to the Queen'.
HMS Nelson was originally a three-deck British warship. It was converted to steam in 1854 and, in 1867,
was provided to the Colony of Victoria to use as a training and later operational ship. We think that James Lyons, who could
be the sailor pictured, may have been a friend or compatriot of William Hasty (raising the question of whether
William served for a time in either the British or Victorian navies).

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