The Hickmotts in Western Australian

2. James John Hickmott (1854-1935) and
Fanny Hicks (1858-1934)

(last updated 6 May 2018)

Born at Meadows in South Australia in 1854, James John Hickmott travelled the following year with his father Henry and mother Harriet and their family to Victoria where they lived first at Clunes and, from 1872, at East Charlton where James worked as a brick maker, farmer and road contractor. In 1874 he was granted a licence for a 206-acre block of land located to the west of Charlton along the Wooroonook Road (his block adjoined two smaller blocks that were originally leased by his father Henry but were taken over by James' younger brother Samuel). The Victorian Government Gazette shows James had a further licence, for a 270-acre block of land at West Charlton, approved on 10 February 1877.

henry and eliza hicksJames married Fanny Hicks, the daughter of Henry and Eliza Hicks, at Charlton in 1879. According to the Armstrong and a number of other family trees on Ancestry, Henry and Eliza (shown in the photograph on the right) were married at Chippenham in Wiltshire in England in 1853 and had ten children. They emigrated from England in the late 1850s and spent some time in South Australia before moving to Victoria where they eventually settled on land near Charlton where both Henry and Eliza died and are buried. After their marriage, James and Fanny lived in a brick cottage at Clifton Hill in West Charlton until October 1881 when the house was sold to a Mr P. Quirk for £101 (the family's household furniture was sold at the same auction for a 'very satisfactory rate'). The family then probably went to live either with relatives or on their block of land at West Charlton. In March 1885 they moved into a four-room brick house that James had had built on Camp Street in Charlton and to 'the rear of Foreman's Mill' (James' half brother, Henry Edward Hickmott, occupied another brick house in the same street).

In around 1888, James and Fanny and their family decided to leave Charlton. This decision may have been prompted by a successful operation undergone by Fanny in the same year. According to a report in the East Charlton Tribune, she had long suffered from the effects of a hydatid tumor that had not been able to be removed until she entered a private hospital in Melbourne run by a Dr Fitzgerald. 'In little more than a fortnight', the paper continued, 'the patient was discharged, suffering as may be imagined, from extreme weakness, after such a trying ordeal, but otherwise in good health, which is still maintained'. James sold the title to his 206-acre allottment to a neighbour, James Bennett. He and Henry Edward dissolved 'by mutual consent' their working partnership as brickmakers and contractors. And not long afterwards James and Fanny and their family left the district.

john james and fanny hickmottThey initially went to Bairnsdale in eastern Victoria to join Henry's father who had moved there from Roma in Queensland. Evidence for this includes an entry in the Victorian Government Gazette that showed 'James John Hickmott, of Bairnsdale and previously of Charlton, brick maker, [was] declared bankrupt' there on 25 January 1889. In the same year, James and Fanny's infant son, Albert Samuel Hickmott, died and was buried at Bairnsdale. Local newspaper reports further show that over this time a J., Joseph and A. Hickmott were all playing cricket for teams in the Bairnsdale area. Their time in eastern Victoria, however, was drawing to a close. Ancestry's WA crew and passenger lists show that a J. J. Hickmott travelled from Melbourne to Albany on the Bullarra, arriving there on 31 December 1896. The same records have a Mrs Hickmott plus two girls and a boy sailing from Melbourne to Albany in 1897 (ship not specified). From there they headed to the Western Australian goldfields. The 1903 electoral rolls show James, who was working as a miner, and Fanny (home duties) registered as living at Kookynie in the Coolgardie district of Western Australia along with his brother Alfred (miner) and his wife Alice Hickmott (home duties). James and Fanny's two eldest boys, James Henry and Richard Hickmott (both working as miners), were registered as living at nearby Tampa. All but Richard were still there in 1906.

By 1910 James John (now a fireman), Fanny, James Henry (yardman) and Richard (woodcutter) were registered as living at Mount Leonora also in the Coolgardie district. It seems that, like her sister-in-law, Rebecca Smith, Fanny trained and worked as a midwife for the 'First Register of Midwives in Western Australia' (published as a Supplement to the Government Gazette of Western Australia on 7 February 1913), includes a Fanny Hickmott of Leonora. By the time of the 1916 election, James John, who was then working as a labourer, and Fanny had moved to Perth and were living at 33 Manchester Road in Victoria Park. In 1929 the old couple (pictured on the left) celebrated their golden wedding anniversary which was reported in the 13 May edition of the West Australian as follows: 'HICKMOTT-HICKS. On 12 May 1879, at Buckrabanyule, Victoria, by the Rev D. A, Gilsesan, James, the eldest son of the late Henry and Harriet Hickmott, to Fanny, eldest daughter of the late Henry and Eliza Hicks. They have two daughters and one son living in WA. Came to WA in 1897. Present address, 33 Manchester Street, Victoria Park'.

James John Hickmott died of prostate cancer in Perth in 1935 and was buried at the Methodist cemetery at Karrakatta. His death certificate states that he and Fanny, who had pre-deceased him by five months, had been in Western Australia 38 years. The following death notice was published in the 25 April edition of the West Australian: 'HICKMOTT - On April 24, 1935, at Perth, Mr James John Hickmott late of 33 Manchester Street Victoria Park, and late of Leonora, late dearly beloved husband of the late Fanny Hickmott, loving father of William Ernest (of Menzies), Emily (Mrs E. Beaglehole, Kalgoorlie) and Richard, James and Harriet (deceased), aged 79 years'.

  1. james and richard hickmott graveJames Henry Hickmott (1879-1911). James accompanied his parents to Bairnsdale and then to Western Australia where he lived at Kookynie, Tampa and Leonora and worked as a miner and yardman. The following report appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on 25 January 1911: 'DRAYMAN'S DEATH. PERTH (W.A.), Tuesday. A man named Hickmott, who left Leonora for Mertonvale on Friday with a horse and dray was found dead on Monday with the horse standing over the body. It is believed that death was caused by a kick from the horse'. James was buried with his brother, Richard, in the Methodist section of the Leonora cemetery on 22 January 1911. He was then 31 years old and seems not to have married.

  2. Richard Hickmott (1881-1910). Born at Charlton in Victoria in 1881 Richard, who was then working as a miner, married Caroline Morris (1883-1932) at Kookynie in Western Australia on 29 November 1904. Caroline, pictured below on the left, was Adelaide-born. Her parents were Joseph Morris (1819-1920) and his second wife, the widow Jane Constance Terry nee Johnson (1848-1925) who he married in Adelaide in 1883. Jane had been previously married to Edward Terry and had three children we know of with him - Elizabeth Frances, Jane and William Ernest Terry - before Edward's death in Adelaide in 1882. Joseph Morris, who lived for over 100 years, hailed from Birmingham in England. He sailed to Australia on the Carrier Dove at the time of the early Victorian gold rushes. After spending time at the Charlotte's Plains (Maryborough) diggings he tried his luck in New Zealand before returning to Australia and working on a number of pastoral properties along the Darling River in NSW. He married Eleanor (Ellen or Helen) Johnston in Victoria in 1860. Their first son, Robert Morris who would marry Helen Scott at Mount Gambier in 1889, was born in Victoria in 1861. The remainder of their known children - Joseph, Elizabeth, Helen, James Addison, Annie, Maria Titly and William Morris - were all born in Adelaide where Joseph worked as a cab proprietor and horse dealer and clipper. He remained sprightly and in good health to the end due in no small part to walking regularly, steadfastly declining to travel in the new fangled motor cars and enjoying an occasional 'good cigar'.

    caroline hickmottThe 1910 electoral roll shows Richard and Caroline living at Leonora in Western Australia where Richard was working as a woodcutter. As the following death notice published in the 3 December 1910 edition of the Western Mail indicates, Richard died the same year: 'HICKMOTT - On November 24, at Leonora, Richard dearly beloved brother of Will Hickmott, Barton's Mill, Pickering Brook, aged 29 years'. The following funeral notice was published in the Kalgoorlie Western Argus on 13 December 1910: 'LEONORA. 5 December. The funeral of the late Richard Hickmott took place on Saturday morning, when there was a large attendance of mourners and friends of the deceased. Prominent amongst the mourners were a number of members of the Independent Order of Oddfellows Lodge (of which the deceased was a member) and the employees of the Gwalia woodline, where until his recent illness the late Mr Hickmott had been foreman...floral tributes were sent by Mr E. H. Lugar, Mr and Mrs Davis (brother-in-law and sister of deceased)...Mrs R. Hickmott, Mr and Mrs J. F. Hickmott...Mr J.H. Hickmott and others. The deceased had been a resident of the northern fields for many years and leaves a widow and one child'. Richard was buried in the Methodist section of the Leonora Cemetery. As described above, his brother, James, was buried with him the following year. As shown in the photo on the right, the boys' grave and gravestone subsequently fell into disrepair. Earlier this year Richard's grandson, Graeme Hickmott, had both restored (click here to see photos of the result).

    Caroline re-married in 1913, to a George David Crossley, who died in an accident the following year. A report in the Kalgoorlie Miner in March 1914 showed that both Caroline and her mother-in-law, Margaret Crossley, successfully took George's employers to Court to seek redress under the terms of the Workers Compensation Act:

    . . . Caroline Crossley stated that she was married to the late George David Crossley on September 30 1913. At the time she had two children by a former marriage, and these children at once became inmates of the new home, being supported by her husband. Two weeks after the marriage her husband died as the result of an accident received while working on the Sons of Gwalia mine, leaving her and the children destitute. She had received £75 in lodge money, and was now trying to earn her own living. Since the marriage her late husband had ceased to contribute to his mother's support, as he was unable to continue, and she (the mother) was receiving a pension of 10/ per week, besides having other members of her family to look to . . . [after hearing the various submissions the magistrate] Mr. Gibbons gave his decision without delay, allocating the compensation as follows: Mother, £70; widow, £190; two children, each £70. An order was made for immediate payment, the children's portion being paid to their mother.

    The WA Reverse Marriages Index shows that Caroline married David Byers in the East Coolgardie registration district of WA in 1915. The Australian electoral rolls show that she and David, who worked as a bootmaker, lived all their married lives at 140 Marmion Street East Fremantle. Caroline died there on 25 May 1932 and was buried in the Church of Christ section of the Fremantle cemetery. The following notice was published in The West Australian the following day: 'BYERS - On May 25, at her late residence, 140 Marmion-street, Fremantle, Caroline Byers, dearly beloved wife of David, loving mother of Myrtle, Richard, David, Alfred, Reginald, Nellie and Alice; aged 48 years' (note the last five were actually Caroline's step-children). A longer report of Caroline's funeral was published in the same newspaper the following week:

    The Late Mrs. C. Byers. The funeral of the late Mrs. Caroline Byers, of 140 Marmion-street, East Fremantle, took place on Thursday, May 20, in the Church of Christ portion of the Fremantle cemetery. The Rev. R. Raymond officiated at the graveside in the presence of a large gathering of relatives and friends. The deceased lady came to Western Australia in 1904, and took up residence on the goldfields where she resided for a number of years, and afterwards came to Fremantle, where she resided with her husband and family until her death. She was very highly and widely respected, and the esteem in which she was held was shown by the large number of relatives and friends that gathered at the graveside to pay their last respects. The deceased lady left a husband and a grown-up family of sons and daughters to mourn their loss. The chief mourners were Messrs David Byers (husband), Richard, David, Alfred and Reginald Byers (sons), and Misses Myrtle, Nellie and Alice Byers (daughters). The pallbearers were Messrs Back, S. Thompson, Myers, Heeney, Mitchell, Lippiart and J. Sleeman, M.L.A. The following were among the many present at the graveside: Messrs J. A. West, P. Brady, F. Croxton, F. M. Andrew, R. G. White; Mrs. E. Stevenson, Mrs. D. Byers, Mrs Heeney, Mrs. Olsen, Mr. Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. O. Stack, Mr. I. Wilkins, Mr. I. W. Potter, Mrs. T. Lippiart, Mr. and Mrs. C. Brooks, Mr. B. Brooks. Mr. D. Brooks, Mr. J. Best, Mr. H. I. Garland, Mr. and Mrs. Cart. Mr. P. H. Jones, Mr. W. Hillberg (representing M.W.S.S. and D Department), Mrs. J. White, Messrs A. Whittington, F. G. Letterfield, D. R. Cox, A. A. Wynn (Lodge Kilwinmng, S49 S.C.), Mrs. T. Wynn, Mrs. P. Saunders, Miss I. Lippiart. Mrs. Ferguson, Miss S. Wynn, Mrs. W. J. Borrell. A large number of floral tributes were sent, and numerous telegrams and letters of condolence were received by the bereaved familv. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs Gibb and Co.

    The Perth Metropolitan Cemeteries Board index shows that Caroline's third husband, David Byers, died at Fremantle on 15 December 1961 and is also buried in the Fremantle cemetery. As noted above, Caroline and Richard Hickmott had two children before the latter's death in 1910, one born before and one just after his death:

    1) Myrtle Nellie Hickmott (1905-1974) who married James Scheerer Brooke (1903-1989) in Western Australia in 1927. Born at Fremantle, James (pictured in the photo below) was the ninth child of Dublin-born Charles Brooke and his wife Johanna Caroline Scheerer who he married at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney in 1883. After living for a time in NSW, the family moved to Western Australia sometime around the turn of the century and settled in Fremantle where Charles worked as a tailor. They both died and are buried in Fremantle, Charles in 1936 and Johanna the previous year. The Australian electoral rolls show that James and Myrtle lived all their married lives in Fremantle where James worked as a clerk and later an accountant. They too both died in Fremantle, Myrtle in 1974 and James fifteen years later. Graeme Hickmott tells us that James and Myrtle had two daughters: 1) Betty Ruth Brooke, who was born at Fremantle in 1930 and married Walter Kershaw Shankland (1921-2013) there in 1955. The death notices published in The West Australian tell us that Walter 'passed away at Wongan Hills Hospital on 14 June 2013, aged 92. Loving husband of Betty, father of Dean, Elizabeth, Jeannie and Craig [and] father-in-law of Leonie, Ron and Jessie'; and 2) Nancy Rose Brooke who was born at Fremantle in 1933 and married Rodney Hanson Carter (1933-2011), who worked as a bank manager, in East Fremantle in 1956. Rodney and Nancy had two children - Ian Brooke Carter who married Deborah Boucher in Western Australia in 1988 and Alison Jane Carter who married Joseph James Hardinge in WA in 1983 - and four grandchildren all born in Western Australia: Brooke Sarah Carter (1991), Kodi Maree Carter (1994), Joshua Nicholas Hardinge (1991) and Samuel Reid Hardinge (1993).

    myrtle hickmott wedding 1927

    Provided by Graeme Hickmott, this photo is of the wedding of Myrtle Nellie Hickmott and James Scheerer Brooke at Fremantle in 1927.
    Myrtle is seated in the centre and James is standing behind her to her right. Myrtle's younger brother, Richard James Hickmott is on the far right.
    Although still to be confirmed, we think the woman in front of Richard could be James' sister Dorothy Brooke and the older man between
    Richard and James may be David Byers. Click here to see more photos of Myrtle and James and their family.

    richard and margaret hickmott wedding 19342) Richard James Hickmott (1911-1992) was born at Adelaide but grew up in Fremantle with his mother, sister and stepfather David Byers and his family. On 7 April 1933, The West Australian informed its readers that 'The engagement is announced of Kathleen Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs G. Gamble of 150 Mary Street Fremantle, and Richard James Hickmott, only son of the late Mrs C. Byers, of East Fremantle'. They were married the following year, their wedding photo is shown on the left.

    Margaret's parents were George Edward Gamble (1886-1949) and Mary Adelaide Dyson (1886-1971) who were married at St Oswald's Church of England in Small Heath in Birmingham in 1910 and emigrated from England to Western Australia shortly before the First World War (Graeme Hickmott tells us George came on the 'Osterley' in 1913 and Adelaide and Margaret, aged two, on the 'Armadale' the following year). His military record in the Australian National Archives shows that George, who was a carpenter by trade, enlisted at Fremantle in June 1916 and was allocated to the Australian Flying Corps (AFC). He sailed for England from Melbourne in January 1917 and, after training at Perham Downs and Birmingham, was despatched to France where he served with 4 Sqn of the AFC until War's end. He returned to Australia in June 1919. He and Adelaide lived at 150 Mary Street in Fremantle where George died in 1949. Adelaide moved to nearby Bicton where she died in 1971. She and George had three daughters: Margaret (Mrs R. Hickmott), Jess (Mrs G. Allen) and Betty (Mrs R. Roy of Junee in NSW).

    The Australian electoral rolls show Richard and Margaret were living on Waddell Road in East Fremantle at the time of the 1936 and 1937 elections where Richard was employed as a sheet metal worker. The Department of Veterans Affairs' Nominal Roll for World War 2 tells us that Richard enlisted in the RAAF at Bullsbrook in Western Australia on 8 May 1939. His NOK was his wife Kathleen Margaret. He served out the war in Australia, including a posting at the RAAF base at Pearce, and was discharged from the Air Force on 10 December 1945 at which time he was serving as a Flight Sergeant in the 2nd Reserve Personnel Pool. After the war they lived at different addresses in Fremantle until after 1980 when they moved to the Perth suburb of Bull Creek. Margaret died at Bull Creek in 1984 and Richard in 1992. They are both memorialised in the Garden of Remembrance at the Fremantle Crematorium.

    Richard and Kathleen had two children: 1) Trevor Richard Hickmott (1934-2013) who trained as a teacher and worked in Kalgoorlie and Boyop Brook before he retired in the early 1970s. Trevor married Patricia June DeMamiel in Nedlands in 1961. They had two adopted children, Stephen Trevor Hickmott and Bronwyn Frances Hickmott, and were divorced in 1972. After a long illness, Trevor Hickmott passed away at Braemar House in East Fremantle on 1 September 2013. He was cremated and is memorialised in the Garden of Remembrance in the Fremantle Crematorium. His death notice, published in The West Australian on 4 September, tells us simply that he was the 'Son of Margaret and Richard (both dec). Brother of Graeme and brother-in-law of Lynette. Uncle of David and Marjorie, Robyn and Des'. 2) Graeme George Hickmott was born at Fremantle in 1940 and married Lynette Shirley Snell in 1962. Graeme lived and worked in Fremantle in shipping for 41 years and retired in 1997. He and Lynette had 2 children: David Mark Hickmott (accountant) and Robyn Anne Hickmott (physiotherapist). David married Marjorie Strong in 1988 and has two children Thomas Richard Hickmott (1995) and Molly Elizabeth Hickmott (1999). Robyn married Desmond Arnold Birt in 1993 and also has two children Jessica Francis Birt (1995) and Rosalie Lynette Birt (2000). Of the four grandchildren of Graeme and Lynette, only Thomas will carry the Hickmott name forward.

    richard hickmott family 1944

    Sent to us by Graeme Hickmott, this photo is of his family in Fremantle in 1944. From L/R: Margaret, Graeme, Richard and
    Trevor Hickmott. Click here to see a photo of the family in around 1950.

  3. William Ernest Hickmott (1883-1938) was born in Victoria (probably at Charlton although that has still to be confirmed) and moved to Western Australia around the turn of the century. The 1906 electoral roll shows a William Hickmott, working as a mill-hand, was living at Kirrup in the Swan district of Western Australia. In 1910 William married Evelyn Rogers (1888-1927) in Perth. Evelyn was born at Newcastle (later renamed Toodyay) in the Western Australian wheat belt. She was the second daughter of Mark Dore Rogers (1856-1919) and Emma Matilda Waters (1858-97) who were married at Toodyay in 1885. The 1912 and 1913 rolls show William Ernest, a mill hand, and Evelyn Hickmott were living at Bartin's Mill at Pickering Brook in the Dampier region of the Swan electorate. On 24 September 1912, The West Australian informed its readers that the wife of W. E. Hickmott of Pickering Brook gave birth to a stillborn child. They seemed then to have moved to Perth where they had a son who died as an infant: 'DEATHS. HICKMOTT. On July 11th, at the Children's Hospital, Willie, the dearly beloved infant son of William and Evelyn Hickmott, of 444 Beaufort Street, aged eight months' (Western Mail, 17 July 1914).

    After this sad event it seems Evelyn remained in Perth while William headed to the goldfields. The 1916 state electoral roll has Evelyn Hickmott (married) registered as living at Toodyay whereas the federal roll has her registered at 444 Beaufort St in North Perth. The 1925 roll shows Evelyn at 529 Murray Street in West Perth (William is not included on either roll). As the following death notice published in the Toodyay Herald on 2 December 1927 tells us, Evelyn died in Perth two years later: 'HICKMOTT - On Nov. 23rd 1927 at K.E.M. Hospital, Subiaco. Evelyn Hickmott, second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Rogers, of Toodyay, and sister of Mrs. Myers (Perth), A. V. Rogers (Coomberdale) and R. M. Rogers (Dewars Pool); aged 39 years'. She was buried in the Anglican section of the Karrakatta Cemetery. William died at Kalgoorlie eleven years later and was buried in the local cemetery:

    HICKMOTT - The friends of the late William Ernest, late of 22 Cheetham street, Kalgoorlie; Mr. and Mrs. Alex Beaglehole, of 22 Cheetham street Kalgoorlie, Sidney and Danny Davis, of Kalgoorlie, are respectfully informed that the remains of their late beloved brother, brother-in-law and uncle, respectively, will be removed from W. Strother's Mortuary Chapel, 18 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie, THIS DAY (Friday), at 4.30 o'clock for interment in the Methodist portion of the Kalgoorlie Cemetery. HICKMOTT - R.A.O.B.. Pride of Menzies Lodge. Members of the above lodge are respectfully invited to follow the remains of our late Bro. William Ernest (Kalgoorlie Miner, Fri 8 Jul 1938).

  4. Harriet Elizabeth Hickmott (1885-1933). Born at Charlton in Victoria, Harriet moved to Western Australia where she married Lewis John Harris (1874-1939) at Kookynie in 1903. The Australian electoral rolls show that Lew was then working as a publican at Mertondale where he and Harriet lived before moving to Mount Leonora to run a boarding house. The electoral rolls show they were living and working at the Darling Range Hotel in Guildford in 1925 and the Transcontinental Hotel in Northam in 1931. Harriet died at Northam in 1933. Her death notice, published in The West Australian on 24 April 1933 read: 'HARRIS - On April 22, 1933, at Northam, Harriett Eliza, dearly beloved wife of Lewis (Lew) J. Harris, of the Transcontinental Hotel, Northam, and late of Leonora, loving daughter of Mr. and. Mrs. J. J. Hickmott of 33 Manchester-street, Victoria Park, loving mother and mother-in-law of Florrie and Harold (Mr. and Mrs H. P. Robinson) of Nedlands; loving sister of W. Hickmott and Mrs. Beaglehole, of Kalgoorlie'. The same year Lew was hauled before the courts for having his hotel open out of hours:

    LICENSEE FINED. NORTHAM. May 19 in the Northam police Court before Mr F. M. Read. R.M. this morning Lewis John Harris, licensee of the Transcontinental Hotel, was charged with having on Sunday, May 14 committed an offence against tlie Licensing Act, in that men were found on the premises when they should not have been open, for the. sale of liquor. Defendant, who was represented by Mr. E. Tindale, pleaded not guilty. Sergeant Carroll conducted the case (or the police. Evidence was given by several witnesses, including two police constables, who stated that they had observed defendant, admit about 12 men to the hotel premises by means of a side gate in Chidlow-street. When the police approached Harris had slammed the gate and locked it. One of the constables ran to the front door of the hotel, reaching there just as the men were going out. A fine of £5 with 9/- costs was imposed (The West Australian, 20 May 1933).

    After Harriet's death Lew went to live with his daughter Florence and her husband at Nedlands where Lew died on 31 May 1939. He was cremated and is memorialised in the Karrakatta Crematorium Rose Gardens. He and Harriet had two children: Matilda Mailett Harris, who was born at Kookynie in 1904 and died there the same year, and Florence Violet Harris who was born in Perth in 1905. In 1928 Florence married Queensland-born Harold Ponsonby Robinson, only son of John Robinson and Esther Ann Ballard who were married in Brisbane in 1874 and had four children (Harold and his parents and three sisters are pictured in the photo below). The Australian electoral rolls show that Florence and Harold lived all their married lives at 51 Archdeacon Street in Nedlands. Florence died there in 1943 and Harold in 1954. As reported in The West Australian on 3 November 1954, his three sisters were the sole benefices of his considerable estate: 'Harold Ponsonby Robinson, retired business manager of Archdeacon-street, Nedlands. who died interstate on June 12 at the age of 66. Left estate valued for probate at £20,064/19/3. He was a widower without children. His three sisters, who live in Queensland are the beneficiaries from his estate'.

    harold robinson and family

    Taken from the Robinson/Weber Family Tree on Ancestry, this photo shows Harold Ponsonby Robinson (in the rear row)
    with his three sisters - Lilian, Florence and Mabel - and parents John and Esther Ann Robinson nee Ballard.

  5. Emily Louisa Hickmott (1887-1953) who was born at Charlton in Victoria and moved with her parents to Western Australia when she was around ten years old. The WA index of bdms shows she married Sam Davis (1883-1946) at Kookynie in 1904. According to the Giles Family Tree on Ancestry, Sam was the youngest of eight children of a Welshman Samuel John Davis (1846-1903) and Adelaide-born Amelia Cox (1846-1896) who were married at Amelia's home at Koringa in South Australia on 5 August 1864. His military record in the Australian National Archives shows that 5828 Private Sam Davis, then aged 35 years and working at Kalgoorlie as a slaughterman, enlisted in the First AIF at Leonora on 29 May 1916. He gave as his NOK his wife Emily. Sam was allocated to the reinforcements for the 27th Battalion and sailed from Fremantle on 30 October 1916 to Devonport in the United Kingdom. A dose of mumps delayed his despatch to France until 5 April 1917 when he joined the ranks of the 28th Battalion. He was wounded in action in France on 5 June (a GSW to the buttock) and again on 20 September 1917 in Belgium (GSW to the left hand). His second wound was sufficiently serious for him to be repatriated back to England where he spent time in hospitals at Taplow, Dartford and Weymouth before being shipped back to Australia on 5 April 1918. He was discharged from the Army at Perth on 19 June 1918. After a visit to Leonora a few weeks before his discharge, the local newspaper informed its readers that: 'Private Sam Davies, who was wounded in the left hand and arm whilst on active service in France is at present in Leonora on leave, but will return to Perth in a few days, where he will receive his discharge. The wounds have healed well and he expects to recover the full use of the hand in the course of time' (Leonora Miner, 1 June 1918).

    The 1925 electoral roll shows Sam, who was still working as a slaughter man, living at Dalwallinu near Kalgoorlie while Emily, who had remarried the previous year, was at 180 McDonald Street in Kalgoorlie with her second husband, Alexander Barrington Beaglehole (1886-1948). Born at Kadina in South Australia, Alexander was the son of Sampson Beaglehole and Elizabeth Jane Merrifield who were married at Wallaroo in South Australia on 18 May 1867. The electoral rolls show that Emily and Alexander continued to live at Kalgoorlie until the early 1940s when she went to live at her late parents' house at Victoria Park in Perth where her first husband, Sam, had been living since around the early 1930s. As the following death notice indicates, Sam died in Perth in 1946: 'DAVIS - On October 4 at Perth Royal Hospital, Sam Davis, late of Victoria Park, the loved father of Sydney (Cook. Trans line) and James (Dan, Victoria Park); aged 65 years. Some time, some day, we'll understand' (The West Australian, 5 October 1946). Emily died there seven years later. Her death notice stated: 'BEAGLEHOLE. On Sep 13 1953, at Perth, Emily Louisa, the dearly loved wife of the late Alexander (Burley) Beaglehole, loving mother of Syd and Jim, mother-in-law of Myrtle and grandma of Lynette and Phyllis, aged 67 years' (The West Australian, 15 September 1953).

    We don't think Emily and her second husband, Alexander Beaglehole, had any children. We know from the two death notices just cited and the WA index of bdms, that she and Sam had three sons: Horace Lindsay Davis who died as an infant at Kalgoorlie in 1905, Sydney Merton Davis, who was born at Kookynie in 1906, and James Davis who we have not been able to find in any of the indices. Sydney Merton Davis (1906-67) married Myrtle Mary Forster, the daughter of Alfred Henry Forster and Lillian Huchison, at Kalgoorlie in 1930. They seem to have lived all their married lives at Kangoorlie, where Sydney worked as a railway ganger, and had at least two children there: 1) Phyllis Fae Davis (1943-2009) who married George Alfred Postans (1938-70) in Perth in 1965; and 2) Lynette Hickmott Davis who married Alfred Roy Hyde in the East Coolgardie registration district of WA in 1962.

  6. Albert Samuel Hickmott who was born at Charlton in 1888 and died at Bairnsdale in Victoria in 1889.

Image sources:
'John James and Fanny Hickmott', Sunday Times, 19 May 1929.

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