The Wright Family

(last updated 9 February 2016)

The Forbears of Jane Elizabeth Wright

broughton parish churchJane Elizabeth Wright's father was John Saunders Wright who was baptised in the parish church (pictured on the left) at Broughton in Huntingdonshire in March 1826. As you can see from the Wright Family Tree, his paternal grandparents were John Wright and Mary Stokes. John and Mary were married at Hartford in Huntingdonshire on 1 November 1791. The Hartford parish registers show that at the time of their wedding, John and Mary were a bachelor and spinster respectively and each signed the certificate with a 'cross'. The wedding was witnessed by Edward Stokes and Edward Afford.

John Saunders Wright's father, John Wright, was baptised at Hartford in Huntingdonshire on 15 September 1795 and married Elizabeth Saunders there on 6 May 1816. The couple then went to live in the nearby village of Broughton where they had six children: William (baptised on 21 September 1817), Joseph (9 January 1819), David (22 July 1821), Thomas (27 April 1824), James (27 April 1824) and John Saunders (12 March 1826).sarah and john wrightJohn Wright died and was buried at Broughton on 2 October 1825, a few months before his youngest son, John Saunders Wright, was born. It seems that Elizabeth had a further child after John's death. The parish transcripts for Broughton show that a Sarah Ann Wright, the daughter of Elizabeth Wright, 'a single woman and widow', was baptised there on 13 Oct 1833.

Family folklore, recorded in 1970 by one of John Saunder's granddaughters, Theresa Kerr (nee Krick), has it that John's family were victims of an outbreak of cholera which orphaned young John and left him in the care of friends. At the age of eight he went to work on a local farm 'receiving 6d a week to stone the crows from the corn crops'. We think it unlikely John's father died in the cholera epidemic as that occurred in 1832. As we have seen, John's mother, Elizabeth Wright, continued to live in Broughton after her husband's death although we don't know for how long. Nor do we know if she continued to look after the younger members of the family or was forced to live as a pauper in the local poor house. The 1841 census does show a 15 year-old John Wright working as an agricultural labourer on the farm of Mary Stephenson at nearby Wood Walton.

John Saunders Wright married his cousin Sarah Bodger at Grafham in Huntingdonshire in England on 28 February 1848. He was a bachelor aged 22 years and she a twenty year-old spinster. Both were said on the wedding certificate to be labourers where he lived in the adjoining village of Warboys and she in Grafham itself. The marriage was witnessed by Sarah's brother, James Bodger, and Elizabeth Eynsby where all signed the certificate with a 'mark'. Jane was born at Grafham in Huntingdonshire in 1828. Her father was Charles Bodger (who was born in Kings Ripton in Huntingdonshire in 1797) and her mother was Jane Wright who was born in Hartford in 1803. More on Sarah's family is given at The Bodger Family.

After their marriage, John Saunders and Sarah Wright lived at Broughton where their eldest daughter, Jane Elizabeth Wright, was baptised on 7 September 1849. The family was still at Broughton at the time of the 1851 census and had living with them a 56 year old widow, Mary Hunter, who was a nurse and former school mistress. The following year saw them leave Broughton and emigrate to Australia where John was contracted to work for Philip Russell at his sheep station at Carngham in the colony of Victoria. Click here to read about their life and times in Australia. A photo of Sarah and John, taken at Carngham in the 1880s, is shown on the right.

John Saunders' Siblings

John Saunders Wright had five brothers we know of: William, Joseph, David, Thomas and James Wright. He also had a half sister, Sarah Ann wright, who was born in Broughton in 1833 and probably died there in 1838. We have discovered very little about John's oldest brother, William Wright, beyond his marriage to Martha Sisman at Broughton in 1837. It is possible that like John, he emigrated although that has still to be determined. As described below, John's other brothers married and lived their lives in England, three at Broughton and one, Joseph, at Evendon in Northamptonshire. Joseph worked as a cobbler and shoemaker. The others were, like John in his early days, agricultural labourers. Between them the four boys had some 30 children and at least 54 grandchildren. Many of these continued to live in Huntingdonshire although a number moved to London or into other counties including Norfolk and Yorkshire. While many continued to work on the land others took up trades, or as the industrialisation of Britain proceeded, worked for a railway company or, as domestic servants for the expanding middle class. We suspect that a number of their descendants followed our John's example and emigrated to the New World although, to date, we have identified only one person, John Henry Wright, a grandson of David Wright, who, with his wife Emily and two small children, left England in 1920 bound for the wheat-belt town of Wagin in Western Australia. The details of John's siblings and their lives and families are listed in my Rootsweb site for the Wright and Bodger families.

  1. Joseph Wright (1819-78)

    Born in Broughton in 1819, Joseph worked as a shoemaker. He married Elizabeth Pack (1817-82) at Great Stukely in Huntingdonshire in 1840. The LDS Index shows that Elizabeth was born at Great Stukeley in 1817, the daughter of James and Susanna Pack nee Baxter who were married at Yelling in Huntingdonshire in 1812. Elizabeth had six siblings all born at Great Stukeley: John (1814), James (1819), James (1821), William (1823), Samuel (1827) and Joseph Pack (1829). At the time of the 1851 census Joseph and Elizabeth, described as a grocer, were living at Broughton with their sons James and John Wright (a younger John had died there at birth). Living with them was a Nawser Bedford and our Sarah Bodger's younger brother James. Joseph and Elizabeth had two more children at Broughton - Emily Annie and Matilda Jane - before moving to Everdon in Northamptonshire sometime before 1861. We think that Joseph and Elizabeth both died at Everdon, he in 1878 and she in 1882. All four of Joseph and Elizabeth's surviving children married and had children of their own as follows:

    1.1 James Wright (1842-88) married Elizabeth Rugg Williams (1841-1911) in the St Thomas RD of Devon in 1868. According to Geoff Wright, James met Elizabeth when he went to make shoes for her father, a local solicitor. The married couple were living at Everdon in 1871 and Heavitree in Devon in 1881. Sometime after this they returned to Everdon where James died in 1888. The subsequent censuses show the widowed Elizabeth at Everdon with her four children in 1891 and at Kings Norton in Worcestershire, with her son Edwin and his family, in 1901 and 1911 (the year of her death). James and Elizabeth had four children: 1) Edwin Wright who married Adelaide Maybury in Birmingham in 1897 and had four children all born at Kings Norton: Bernard (1900), Ivy Christine (1903), Kenneth George (1910) and Ralph Stanley Wright (1915); 2) Emily Wright; 3) Adolphus Wright who married Kate Cock in Wolverhampton in 1899 and had at least one child; and 4) Bertha Wright.

    1.2 John Wright (1847-95) married Elizabeth Hawtin Bird at Everdon in 1871. John, who also worked as a shoemaker, and Elizabeth lived at Everdon until John's death there in 1895 when she and their only son, William Hawtin Wright, moved to Northampton. William, aged 28, died at Northampton in 1906. We have yet to determine when and where Elizabeth died.

    1.3 Emily Annie Wright (1852-79) married a Devon man John Rugg Williams (1845-81) in 1870 probably at Everdon although that has still to be confirmed. The 1871 census has John (a 26 year-old typographic writer) and Emily Annie living at St Giles in Cripplegate in London. With them was John's 14 year-old brother Edwin Williams. A year later their only son, Walter Rugg Williams was born at Everdon. I haven't been able to find Emily or John in the 1881 census (their son Walter was with his grandmother, Elizabeth Wright, at Everdon). They seem to have returned to Everdon at some stage for Emily died there in 1879 and John in 1881. We haven't been able as yet to determine what happened to their son Walter.

    1.4 Matilda Jane Wright (1854-1902) married Thomas Judkins (1848-77) at Evendon in 1872. They had two children - Maud Mary (who died in 1889) and Thomas Judkins jnr (who died as an infant in 1878) before Thomas' death in 1877. In 1882 Matilda re-married, to a Norfolk-born policeman, Walter John Murrell, in the St Ives RD of Huntingdonshire. She and Walter were living in the Heigham parish of Norwich in 1891 with their three children, Walter John, Henry Edwin and Emily Mabel Murrell. The family was still at Heigham in 1901, the year Walter jnr died. His mother, Matilda Murrell formerly Judkins nee Wright, died the following year. Her second husband lived on until 1934.

    We think Emily may have been married at Yarmouth in Norfolk in 1914 although that has still to be confirmed. According to the 'Wall Family Tree' on Ancestry, Henry Edwin married twice, first to Marie Pauline Germaine Pierrelot in around 1920 and, second, to Stella Enid Wall (1904-83) at Fulham on 14 September 1946 (it adds that at this time he was working as a publisher). Stella was born at Brockley in 1904, the daughter of George Thomas Wall (1864-1956) and Sophia Jane Williams (1872-1948) who were married at Birdingbury in Warwickshire in 1902. They think Henry died in Fulham two years after he married Stella.

  2. David Wright (1821-92)

    David, who worked as an agricultural labourer, married a local girl, Mary Ann Hubbard, at Broughton in 1843. The couple lived all their lives at Broughton, Mary dying there sometime before 1871 and David in 1892. They had nine children between 1844 and 1864: Fanny Wooley, Elizabeth Saunders, Mary Anne, David William Hubbard, Lavinia, Mark, Nathan, William Hubbard and Ruth Wright. We have not been able to trace with any certainty the later lives of any of David and Mary's daughters although we think Fanny, who was working as a domestic servant at Islington at the time of the 1861 census, may have married William Joyce at St Neots in Huntingdonshire in 1871. Nor have we been able to trace William Hubbard Wright beyond the time of the 1881 census when he was working as an agricultural labourer at Warboys in Huntingdonshire. We have had a bit more luck with their remaining boys as follows:

    2.1 David William Hubbard, a farm labourer, married Ann Garner in 1873 possibly in Ann's home village of King's Ripton. They lived most of their married lives at Ramsey in Huntingdonshire, Ann dying there between 1901 and 1911 and David in around 1922. David and Ann had six children: Walter, Mary Elizabeth, lavinia, Mark, Ruth and Fred Wright. We know little about any of these except for Lavinia Wright (1879-1958) who married, in 1904, Carter Vincent Piggott (1870-1911), a platelayer from Peterborough in Northamptonshire. The 1911 census shows Lavinia living at Peterborough with her one year-old son, Carter Sidney Piggot (who died there the following year). The census return indicates she and Carter snr had had three other children all of whom had died. At the time of the census Carter snr was an inmate of the Kesteven County Lunatic Asylum (he had been admitted in May 1910 and died there in July 1911). The Asylum was located in the parish of Quarrington in Sleaford in Lincolnshire. Later named Rauceby Mental Hospital, the institution was opened in 1902 and eventually closed in 1998. During the Second World War it served as an RAF crash and burns unit operating under the control of RAF Cranwell. The Catherine House index shows that Lavinia re-married in 1913, to Henry Lyon, and died in the Wellingborough RD of Northamptonshire in 1958. We don't know if she and Henry had any children.

    2.2 Mark Wright, who worked as a shepherd and agricultural labourer, married Maria Lant Chapman (1849-1926) at Peterborough in Cambridgeshire in 1875. The UK census returns show them living in Norfolk at the time of the 1881 and 1891 censuses. They were at Wisbech in Cambridgeshire in 1901 before returning to Norfolk where they were living at King's Lynn in 1911. Although still to be confirmed, we think they both died in Cambridgeshire, Maria in 1926 and Mark in 1937. They had five children we are aware of: Joseph, Maria Ruth (1879-95), Rachel, David Alfred and William Henry Wright. We know very little about the first three of these. David Alfred Wright married London-born Frances Elizabeth Wallace in the Nottingham RD of Nottinghamshire in 1910 and was living and working as a railway porter at Hysem Green in Nottingham in 1911. At that stage he and Frances had no children.

    According to the 'Coupe Family Tree' on Ancestry, William Henry Wright (1891-1962), who was working as a farm labourer at King's Lynn in 1911, married Emily Elizabeth Mason (1887-1977) at the registry office at Holborn in London in 1915. The 'Chapman & Lewis Family Tree' tells us Emily was born at Wiggenhall in Norfolk. Her parents were Claxton John Mason (1862-1934) and Emily Unwin (1860-1934) who were married there in 1883 and had ten children. William and Emily had two children - William Chapman and Marjorie Ruth Wright - in London before the family emigrated to Western Australia in around 1920 (we think they sailed out on the RMS INDARRA although that has not been confirmed). A third child, Mark Mason Wright, was born at Busselton not long after they arrived in Western Australia and a fourth, Constance May Wright at their eventual destination: the wheat-belt town of Wagin located some 225 km southeast of Perth. William and Emily eventually moved to Perth where he died in 1962 and she in 1977 (both are buried in Perth's Karrakatta Cemetery).

    emma wrightAustralia's Second World War nominal rolls show that William Chapman, Marjorie Ruth and Mark Mason Wright all served in the Australian armed forces at the time, William in the 10th Battalion of the Volunteer Defence Corps, Marjorie in the Australian Womens Army Service and Mark with the RAAF's 25 Squadron. The WA 'Reverse' Marriages database tells us the two boys married: William to Ruth Taylor in Perth's Swan district in 1945 and Mark to Noelle Jeanette Read in Perth in 1960. We don't know if Mark and Noelle had any children. According to the Chapman & Lewis Family Tree, William and Ruth had at least one child: Peter David Wright who was born at Wagin in 1948 and died at Narrogin in 1973. Marjorie did not marry and died a spinster in Perth in 1995. She and her sister, Constance May Wright, who died at Wagin in 1936, are buried with their parents in the Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth. Mark Mason Wright, who died in Perth in 1994, was cremated but is memorialised in the Karrakatta Crematorium rose garden. William Chapman Wright, who we suspect took over the family farm, died in Wagin in 1994.

    2.3 Born at Broughton, Nathan Wright (1858-1932) married Martha Peacock at Peterborough in Cambridgeshire in 1878. After their marriage Martha and Nathan, who worked as an agricultural labourer, were living at Martha's home village of Eye in Northamptonshire in 1881 and 1891 and at Werrington near Peterborough at the time of the 1901 and 1911 censuses. They had five children we are aware of: George William, Kate, Fanny, Emma and Elizabeth Wright. We have not been able to trace Elizabeth with any certainty beyond the 1911 census. We think her sister Kate, who was living with her parents at Werrington in 1901 and working as a domestic servant, died in either 1902 or 1903. Nathan and Martha's only son, George William Wright, who was born in Eye in 1878, married Jane Petchell, daughter of Frederick Petchell and Mary Ann Templeman nee Busley, in the Peterborough registration district in 1899. The UK censuses show them living at Werrington in 1901 and Peterborough in 1911 with their two children, Mary Jane and George William Wright jnr. George senior was said to be working as a 'waggoner on a farm'. The census return indicated he and Jane had had three children by 1911, one of whom had died. We think George died at Peterborough in 1967.

    It is possible that Emma Wright, pictured on the left, met her future husband, a Yorkshire coachman Henry William Boutcher (1881-1965), while she was working as a barmaid at the Grand Hotel on Wentworth Street in Peterborough. At the time Henry was married, to a Londoner, Helen Maria Chick, and had three children. The 'Boutcher Family Tree' on Ancestry tells us that Emma and Henry had six children - Evelina H. (1915-95), David James (1918-90), Pauline Ronni (1919-95), Phillip Montegue (1922-90), Patrick H. (1925-41) and Michael Oliver Boutcher (1928-2011) - and were eventually married at Wellingborough in Northamptonshire in 1956. It adds that both she and Henry died in Wellingborough, Emma in 1973 and Henry in 1965. This is confirmed by the UK National Probate Index which shows Henry died in the Royal Park Hospital in Wellingborough and probate was granted to Michael Owen Boutcher electrician, David James Boutcher steelworker and Pauline Priestley married woman. Although still to be confirmed, we believe David married Sylvia Stranks in 1944 and had three children, Pauline married George Priestly in 1943 and had four children and Michael 'Boutchier' married Letitia Brown in 1950 and had two children.

  3. Thomas Wright (1824-87)

    Thomas was born in Broughton in 1824 and married Elizabeth Woodward (1825-1903) there in 1848 (Eliza, the daughter of Isaac Woodward and Ann Masun, was born at Hartford in Huntingdonshire). The couple lived all their married lives at Broughton and had twelve children there: Alfred, Frances Saunders, Walter Thomas, Frederick, Esther, Charles, Amy, Selina, Harry, George, Abraham and Alice. One of Thomas and Elizabeth's descendants, Geoff Wright, tells us that two of their children, Walter Thomas Wright and Frederick George Wright, moved to the Yorkshire village of Allerston where Walter worked as a farm labourer and later farm foreman. He married a local girl, Elizabeth Coates, in Allerston in 1871 and had five children: Frederick, Clara, George, Sidney and Esther Wright. Elizabeth died 1893 and Walter re-married, to Amelia Aaron, and moved with her to the North Yorkshire market town of Pickering where their only child, Hilda May Wright was born in 1899. Walter died at Pickering in 1927. We believe Amelia died at Whitby in 1934.

    Walter and Elizabeth's eldest son, Frederick Wright, married Emily Allanson at Scarborough in 1896 and had only one child, Harry Wright (1897-1913), before Emily died in 1904. We think their eldest daughter, Clara Wright, married Christopher Dawson in Scarborough in 1898 but have not been able to trace them after that. Nor have we had any luck tracing their remaining children beyond the time of the 1911 census.

    Patricia Ballard's 'Ballard and Fothergill Family Tree' on Ancestry tells us that Hilda May Wright was twice married, first to Harry Greenwood (1891-1917) at Thirsk in Yorkshire's North Riding in 1916. Harry died of wounds at Flanders on 5 October 1917 while serving with 10th Battalion Yorkshire Hussars (Alexandra, Princess of Wales Own). She and Harry had two children: Ellen Elizabeth Greenwood (1916-79) and Ethel Amelia Greenwood (born at Pickering in 1918). Hilda's second husband was Charles Robinson Goodman who she married at St Paul's Anglican Church at Shadwell in West Yorkshire in 1920. Patricia adds that Hilda and Charles had four children - Beatrice A. (1923), Irene M. (1929), Kenneth G. (1934) and Josephine A. Goodman (1942) - and that Hilda died at Ryedale in North Yorkshire in 1976.

    henry greenwood hilda may wright hilda wright and patricia barnard

    Taken from Patricia Barnard's 'Barnard and Fothergill Family Tree' these photos are, from L/R:
    Harry Greenwood in his Yorkshire Hussars uniform, Hilda May Greenwood nee Wright with her two daughters Ellen Elizabeth ('Nellie')
    and Ethel Amelia ('Milly') Greenwood and Hilda with her great granddaughter Patricia Ballard.

    Walter's younger brother, and Geoff Wright's great grandfather, Frederick George Wright (1852-1917), married Sarah Hudson (1841-1921) at Allerston in Yorkshire on 21 December 1875. Geoff tells us that Frederick met Sarah at an agricultural fair where she 'was working as a waitress'. She was born at Stamford Bridge just outside York (where the army of England's King Harold defeated norse invaders before marching south to confront William the Conquerer at the battle of Hastings). Geoff continues that 'Sarah's father did not like Frederick so the newly weds lived in farm accommodation in Allerston'. They had five children including Geoff's grandfather Frederick Charles Wright who was born at Allerston in around 1889. Frederick Charles married Hilda Dobson at Hackness in 1908. According to Geoff, Frederick met Hilda at Scarborough in Yorkshire. She 'was on a day out with her friends from Suffield Cum Everly (a farming parish)...they fell in love and got married almost immediately'. He adds that 'either there was no room for Hilda at Frederick's parents' house, or his dad did not like her'. Whatever the reason they took a cottage on Main Street in Ebberston where Frederick worked as an agricultural labourer and Geoff's father, George William Wright was born in 1911. Frederick Charles was eventually made redundant by farm mechanisation and he and Hilda moved to Stourton on the outskirts of Leeds in West Yorkshire ('a horrible, smelley, smokey place'). Geoff's father George William Wright married Jennie Proctor in 1953.

    Geoff also tells us that Walter and Frederick's sister, Esther Wright (1854-1943) met her future husband, a railway porter, William Charles James Smitten (1850-1907), at the Scarborough railway station. They were married in 1878 and Esther followed Charles about the countryside, having ten children in the process: Emma Florencee (born at Carlton Scroop in Lincolnshire), Alice Maud (Sutton Bridge Lincolnshire), George Edmund (St Mary's Leicester) and the following at Bardney in Lincolnshire: Ellen, Albert Edward (1887), Annie Mary, Harry, Percival, Hilda Irene and Ethel May. We know little of Ellen and Harry Smitten beyond their dates of birth. Charles and Esther's two youngest girls - Hilda Irene (1895-1970) and Ethel May Smitten (1897-1989) - seem not to have married.

    According to the 'Smitten Family Tree' on Ancestry, Emma Florence Smitten (1879-1962) married Joseph White (1882-1918) in 1902 and had three children: 1) Gladys Irene White (1909-87) who married Francis Lacey (1905-89); 2) Norah May White who married Charles Herbert Harrison; and 3) Joyce Margaret White who died as an infant in 1915. Emma's sister, Alice Maud Smitten (1881-1966), married John Joseph Boyes (1875-1963) in 1904 and had two children: Eric John Boyes (1905-47) and Eileen Daphne Boyes. We think a third sister, Annie Mary Smitten (1889-1955) married Ernest Ward at Bardney in 1920.

    Charles and Esther's eldest son, George Edmund Smitten (1883-1958) married Iris Laura Turner (1887-1980) in 1913. According to the 'Weston Family Tree' on Ancestry, Iris' parents were James Charles Turner (1863-1938) and Rebecca Gurney who were married at Biggleswade in Bedfordshire in 1885 and had 12 children. It adds that George and Iris had three children: Beatrice M. (1914-15) and two others. UK Railway Employment Records and the London electoral roll database on Ancestry show that George worked for the London and North Eastern Railway Company and he Iris lived most of their married lives in the Highgate Ward of Hornsey in London (where George died in 1958). Iris died in the Camden registration district of Greater London in 1980.

    George's younger brother, Albert Edward Smitten (1886-1961) also lived for a time in London after he married Nettie Florence Wright (1883-1977), daughter of Joseph Wright and Jane Gale, in Hertfordshire in 1914. They had two children we are aware of: 1) Nettie Dora Smitten (1915-98) who married Reginald Davey; and 2) John Albert Smitten (1921-2002). Another of George's brothers, Percival Smitten (1892-1960), also worked for the London and North Easter Railway Company although he was based at Bardney where he had married Gertrude Amy Woods (1894-1976) in 1917. Although still to be confirmed, we think he and Gertrude had at least one child, Evelyn Smitten, who was born in 1919.

    Born at Broughton 1856, Charles Wright married Marie Anne Simmons (1852-88) at Mossley, Ashton Under Lyme in Lancashire in 1883. Marie died five years later and Charles re-married. The 1901 census has Charles (46 year-old railway worker) and Mary H. Wright (26, Yorkshire) living at Mossley in Cheshire with Charles' two sons from his previous marriage: George Henry (16) and Samuel Wright (14) both of whom were born at Mossley. The 1911 census has Charles (55 year-old railway labourer for LNW) and Mary Hannah Wright (35, Saddleworth Yorkshire) living at 24 Micklehurst Road in Mossley. They had been married 11 years and had no children. The 'Coupe Family' Tree tells us Charles died at Mossley in 1936. His second wife, Mary Hannah Wright, died there two years later.

    Thomas and Elizabeth's second youngest son, George Wright (1863-1935) married Sarah Morling Robinson (1859-1951), daughter of Charles Robinson and Esther Day, in Huntingdonshire in 1888. The 1891 census has George (a 28 year-old agricultural labourer born at Broughton) and Sarah (32, Over Cambridgeshire) living on the School Hill in Broughton with their two year-old son Horace. The 1901 census has George (38) and Sarah (42) still at Broughton with two children: Horace (12) and Tryphena (4) both born at Broughton. Next door was a Harry (40 year-old threshing machinist born at Broughton) and Lizzie Wright (39, Great Ravely Huntingdonshire) and their two children: Celia (13) and Walter (10) both od whom were also born at Broughton. The 1911 census has George (48) and Sarah Morling Wright (52) at the Bull Inn in Broughton with Horace (22) and Tryphena (14). The census return indicates George and Sarah had been married 25 years and had two children. The Catherine House index indicates that Tryphena died in 1914 and Horace in 1968. We are not sure whether he married or had children.

    Thomas and Elizabeth's youngest son, Abraham Wright (1867-1944) married Rachel Smith (1860-1903) in the St Ives registration district of Huntingdonshire in 1892. At the time of the 1901 census he and Rachel and their two daughters, Beatrice Gertrude and Winifred Wright, were living at the village of Broughton where Rachel died two years later. The 1911 census has Abraham, a 45 year-old widower and farm labourer, boarding with the Barlow family in Doddington in Cambridgeshire. According to the LDS website Winifred was then working in London as a kitchen maid. We suspect Beatrice was still in Broughton although that has still to be confirmed. Abraham died in the Huntingdon registration district of Huntingdonshire in 1944.

    Winifred Wright (1893-1974) married Henry James Berriff (1892-1954) in the Paddington registration district of London in 1915. Born at Marylebone, Henry's parents were James Henry Berriff, a coach trimmer, and Martha Orme Bell who were married there in 1893. The 'Coupe Family Tree' on Ancestry tells us Winifred and Henry had a daughter, Elsie Dorothy Berriff (1917-88), who married Alexander Colledge in the Romford RD of Essex in 1941. According to the Terry Family Tree on Ancestry, Elsie and Alexander had two girls, both of whom married and together provided their parents with four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The Catherine House index indicates Elsie and Alexander may have had a second daughter, Winifred P. Berriff, who died at birth in London in 1922. The UK National Probate Index shows that Henry died on 5 August 1954 at Oldchurch Hospital in Romford. Although still to be confirmed, we think Winifred died in London in 1974.

    Her grandson, Mark Naylor, tells us Beatrice married George Frederick Naylor (1887-1976) at Stamford in Lincolnshire and had three children: Betty (1920-2011), John Robert (1922-79) and Mark's father David George Naylor (1925-2012). He adds that while George was born at Stamford his 'family all came from Rutland and mainly settled in Easton on the Hill'. The 1891 census has George, the three year-old grandson of Robert and Emily Starling, living with them at 4 St George Square in Stamford. In 1901 George and his younger brother, Cecil Naylor, were living at 33 Queen Place in Stamford with their uncle Frederick J. Starling (a 32 year-old schoolmaster). George and two of his siblings - Winifred, a 19 year-old assistant school mistress, and Cecil Naylor (14) - were with their parents at Stamford at the time of the 1911 census. George was then 23 years old and, like his father George senior, was working as an engineer's clerk. According to Mark Naylor his grandfather 'worked for Blackstone & Co, an engineering company in Stamford, for 51 years before he retired to Bournemouth with Grandma ... Beatrice ran a tobacconist/general shop next to the old cinema in Stamford for many years and when we had her funeral in Stamford, so many people we didn't know turned up'. He adds that George died in 1976 and Beatrice in 1982.

    Mark adds that George and Beatrice's daughter, Betty Naylor, married Graeme Hawes in Bromley in Kent in 1965. Her brother John married Lucy Jorgenson nee Rincon at Cali in Columbia in 1969 and lived in South America and later Miami in the United States where he died in 1979. Mark's father, David Naylor, married Margaret Rawlinson in 1955 and had two children: Mark and his older sister Clare Naylor. Clare married Nicholas Forrester and had two children, one of whom, James Forrester, played rugby union and rugby sevens for England.

    beatrice wright 1910 beatrice wright 1920

    Supplied to us by her grandson, Mark Naylor, these photos show Beatrice Gertrude Naylor nee Wright in 1910 and with her daughter Betty in 1920.

    winifred wright

    This photo shows Mark's uncle John and father David Naylor with their aunt Winifred taken, Mark thinks, at Skegness in the 1930s.
    Mark is unsure which of the boys' two aunt Winifreds this is, Beatrice's sister or that of her husband George.

    heathrow 1963

    Also provided by Mark Naylor, this photo was taken at London's Heathrow airport in around 1963 on the occasion of a visit to England
    by Mark's uncle John Naylor and his wife Lucy. From L/R: David George Naylor, John Robert Naylor, David John Rawlinson,
    George Frederick Naylor, Lucy Naylor (formerly Jorgenson nee Rincon), Betty Hawes nee Naylor,
    Beatrice Gertrude Naylor nee Wright and Bertha ('Bee') Rawlinson nee Blackwell.

  4. James Wright (1824-52)

    Although we have not been able to confirm it, we believe James married Sarah Storton sometime between 1841 and 1851. The census for the latter year has a James and Sarah Wright living at Broughton with their four children: Thomas, Amy, Eliza Maria and Sarah Ann Wright. Geoff Wright tells us that James died there the following year. We haven't been able to find Sarah in any subsequent censuses suggesting she may have also died or re-married. The 1861 census shows Sarah and James' two youngest daughters, Maria (11) and Sarah Ann Wright (9), at Main Street Pidley cum Fenton with their grandmother Elizabeth Storton, a 71 year-old widow and former agricultural labourer's wife who had been born at Colne in Huntingdonshire. We have not been able to trace with any certainty what happened to the two girls, or their older sister Amy Wright, after 1861.

    James and Sarah's only son, Thomas Wright, who was born at Broughton in 1845, married Jane Finch in 1866 most likely at Huntingdon although this has still to be confirmed. They seem to have lived most of their married lives at Huntingdon, where Thomas worked as a brewer's drayman. and they had five children: John Thomas, William Joseph, David, Annie and Sarah Jane Wright. We think both Thomas and Jane died at Huntingdon in 1921.

    John Thomas Wright married Ada Harriet Clark, who was born in Catworth in Huntindonshire, in the St Neots RD of Huntindonshire in 1898. The 1911 census shows John (a 42 year-old grocer's warehouseman) and Ada living at 109 Great Park Street Wellingborough in Northamptonshire with their two nieces Ethel Clark (a 23 year-old teacher in a council school) and Frances Clark (a 20 year-old dressmaker) both of whom were born at Catworth. The census return shows that John and Ada had been married 12 years and had no children.

    We think William Joseph Wright worked as a joiner. The 1911 census shows he and a Beatrice Wright living at 21 Gosling Street in Leicester with their three children - Doris Vivien (10), Gladys Edna (6) and Beatrice Annie Wright (3) all born in Leicester - and a boarder Lena Williams (23, Oadby, Leicestershire). The census return does not indicate how long they had been married, suggesting they may have been living together. It does say they had only three children.

    Born in 1875, Annie Wright was working as a draper's assistant at the time of the 1891 and 1901 censuses. We have not been able to trace her with any certainty after that. Her younger sister, Sarah Jane Wright (1878-1973), married Algar Horne (1873-1969), the son of James William Horne and Emma Parker, in the Huntingdon RD of Huntingdonshire in 1900. The 1911 census shows Algar (a 37 year-old mechanical draughtsman born in Ipswich in Suffolk) and Sarah Jane living at 'Eastcote' on Cromwell Road in Basingstoke in Hampshire with their two children: Sydney Thomas (8) and Cecily Iris Horne (2) both born in Huntingdon. The census return indicates Sarah and Algar had been married two years and had two children. We don't think either Sydney or Cecily, who died in Hampshire in 1973 and 2002 respectively, married or had children.

Image source:
Broughton Parish Church, private collection